Here you will be able to see some  Kittens and Cats produced by Celtic Ragdolls.
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Supreme Grand Champion

Celtic Jake of KitnSmitn Ragdolls


Is a blue mitted sweet sweet boy from Ch Palacedolls Colleen tis Celtic and Ch Echoglen Yahtzee of Razl Dazl Dolls. Jake was so well socialized by Janie that when he arrived in our home, he slept with a group of our other cats that same night! He is fine with running shower water and hair dryers and other loud noises. Jake is fearless and already rules over our puppy, and has great self esteem, always has his tail high in the air which I think is a sign of a happy cat. He loves laps and cuddles and kisses, he just wants to be close so he can talk to you! He has a joyful personality, he's happy and fun. Janie sprinkles sugar all over her kittens and they are the sweetest little bundles of joy!


Nancy Hulit -  KitnSmitn  Ragdolls

Triple Grand Champion

Celtic Rita Hayworth of Montanas


She is a soft dream! A fluffy blue bicolor lynx girl !! She is big, playful, sweet and lovable!! She has the most beautiful blue eyes. Her home is Brazil ! We need to thanks Janie!!! Rita is a Triple Grand Champion now, a treasure that we don't have words to say! Her dad is GCh Echoglen Yathzee and her mamma is Ch Palacedolls Collen tis Celtic. She is littermate from QGCh Champion Erin and Supreme Grand Champion Jake! 


Thank you Janie, we are so proud of our RITA!!!


Best South America Ragdoll 2006
Best Brazilian Ragdoll Cat from Year 2006
4th Best Brazilian Cat


Ana Viggiani - Montana's Ragdolls

Celtic Darcy 

Razll Dazl Dolls Celtic of Montanas

This boy is our treasure: Celtic! I don't have words to say how much Celtic means to me! He loves to talk and is a purring machine! Thank you Janie and Cindy for this wonderful work of love!I'm glad to be your Furrever Friend! I feel so very blessed to have the honor of being his Mother! Our Celtic was the first ragdoll to be tested for HCM in Latin America!

Ana Viggiani - Montana's Ragdolls - Brazil

Supreme Grand Champion
Celtic Thomas O' Mallyn

We are pleased to introduce to you, Supreme Grand Champion Celtic Ragdolls Thomas O' Mally. We want to thank Janie for letting this curious, playful boy into our hearts.  His mother is Celtic Ragdolls Charmin Shannon and his father is Supreme Grand Champion Palacedolls Prince Gallaway tis Celtic... Thank you Janie for our sweet boy and he is a Supreme Grand Champion NOW!!!

<3 Cindy- Razl Dazl Doll Ragdolls

Celtic Tessa of KitnSmitn


Tessa's dad is SGC Prince Gallaway and her mom is Charmin Shannon, and she got the best of them both! Tessa loves snuggling in my arms, but when I turn my face away from her, toward the TV or toward another cat, she will put a paw on my face and pull my face back to hers, every time! 
She's a funny, possesive girl!! She and Millie our CKC puppy are best buds and catnap spooning each other! KitnSmitn is very proud to have this beautiful colorpoint girl and we are currently showing her in TICA. Thanks Janie for trusting us with this sweet and spunky girl.

Celtic Pantera of Sweetheaven


Pantera came to us very socialized and is very sweet. He has great boning, nice ear set, whisker pads and head shape. He is doing very well in the show circuit. Pantera will always be a winner to me.I can not thank you enough for trusting us with this wonderful boy. Thank you, Janie.

Connie Walter
Sweetheaven Ragdolls

Razl Dazl Dolls Grace Kelly of Montanas
Grace is now QGC in Tica (2008)and CH in UFO (2007)
2nd Best Brazilian Ragdoll Kitten 2006 - UFO

Look her sweet face, her wonderful blue eyes, the perfect V... Grace is another fabulous work of love between Razl Dazl Dolls and Celtic! Her Dad is the Supreme Grand Champion Palacedolls Prince Gallaway tis Celtic and her Mama is Razl Dazl Dolls Charley Ray! We are so proud of our BIG girl!! Thank you Janie and Cindy for our Grace, another marvelous treasure!

Ana Viggiani - Montana's Ragdolls

Celtic Ragdolls Faith Of KitnSmitn


Faith is a seal lynx mitted girl from SGC Galaway and Grand Champion CelticRagdolls Erin Go Braugh shown here at 6 months. She is the sweetest girl to cuddle with, always happy-go-lucky and purring constantly! She went on a 3-week road trip with my husband, me and our dog, and she loved every minute of it! She's a great traveler, enjoys cat shows and loves to kiss the judges. She has an adorable face everyone falls in love with! We are so proud to have her in our home. Thanks again and again Janie,

Nancy Hulit, KitnSmitn Ragdoll

Celtic Brodie


A happy and beautiful baby from  Gallaway and Meghan !

Ronna & Mayson


Owned by Tim

Palace Dolls Claddagh Tis Celtic 
Seal Torbie

2nd Best Seal Torbie Point of the Year
TICA SW REGIONS Best Seal Torbie Of The Year

Palace Dolls Colleen Tis Celtic 
Blue Lynx Mitted - Retired now

2005 Award Of Excellence Tica
Second Best Blue Lynx Point/Mitted Ragdoll Of The Year
Region Of Southwest Tica
Best Blue Lynx Point/Mitted Ragdoll Of The Year

Razl Dazl Dolls Emma Louise tis Celtic


Mom is Celtic Stevie Nicks Rocks On
Dad is Champion Echoglen Yahtzee of Razl Dazl Dolls

This girl is another beauty from Cindy DeWolfe. She is Happy to be in her New home at with Morgan, as she is now retired. I want to Thank Cindy and Pete for letting me have this very special baby from Stevie Nicks Rocks On.

GCh Celtic Erin Go Braghe
Blue Lynx Bicolor

Retired Now

She is a homegrown blue lynx bicolor girl, sweet and fluffy little girl. Her mama is  CH Palacedolls Colleen and CH Echoglen Yahtzee is her papa.  

This big and sweet boy is our
Prince Charming: Frasier! 

He loves people! He loves hug and kiss! Thank you Janie for our newest treasure! We feel so very blessed to have the honor of being his FurrEver Family!

Ana Viggiani - Montana's Ragdolls

CH Palacedolls Patrick Tis Celtic
Seal Colorpoint

Celtic Sir Furrs
Wonderful Seal Mitted